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Personalized Health Program of Optimal Health Care for all Ages


The Royal Life & Anti-Aging Clinic of Bangkok Hospital Udon provides consultations by specialist physicians, plus anti-Aging medical services to promote better quality & longer lives for our clients.


At our clinic, we provide intensive health checkups with modern technologies to check your levels of hormones, antioxidants and minerals in your body. From your personal health checkup results, our specialists physicians will help you create your personal health plan and prescribe anti-aging medicine including hormones, minerals and vitamins supplementary just what you need to optimize your health and immunization in order to decrease the risk factors for all diseases. Our services include:


1.    Comprehensive Health Check up:

We provide comprehensive health check ups right down to the molecular level including blood, urine, and saliva tests using the most advanced, bio-molecular labs in the Asia-Pacific region. At the same time, we also check your hormone levels, antioxidants and minerals so that our specialists can help you to achieve an optimal health. In addition, we analyze your body’s systems for risks related bio-markers and check for possible serious disorders that could show up in the future.


2.   Customized Health Program:

Based on the results of your health check up, our specialists physicians will analyze your health conditions and detect any underlying abnormalities that could cause serious consequences. Most importantly, your customized health program will be created especially for you, including your proper diet, proper exercise to help you gain and keep your optimal health in the long run.


3.   Customized Supplementary Recommendation:

Based on your blood test results, our specialist physicians will also customize your personal supplementary to provide different vitamins and minerals that your body needs. By following this customized Supplements   recommendation, you will obtain your optimal health from proper food consumption, exercises and healthy life styles.


4.       Create & customize different supplements of pharmaceutical grade, in different forms, to suits our patients’ needs.


Why using the Service Royal Life Anti-Aging Clinic of

Bangkok Hospital Udon?

We use the molecular biology device, exclusively used in a few hospitals in Asia, which is a breakthrough innovation that can detect risk factors and reduce the occurrence of disease. Actually, you might inherit these risk factors, or they might come from your childhood, environment or living habits. They might accumulate continuously without any signs or symptoms. Most of the time, you may have had the diseases before you even realize it, however, it’s always better to know in advance that you have risk factors for the diseases so that you can do something to prevent them.


Our Check Up Programs:

1.      Royal Age Management.

2.      Royal Weight Management

3.      Royal Vitamin & Micronutrient)

4.      Royal Hormones

5.      Royal Sport Medicine

6.      Preventative Genetic Testing( Royal Life Genetic Testing

( Advance USA)

7.      Royal Customized & Tailor-Made Supplements

8.      Exclusive Program:

-          Food Intolerance Test ( 232 Food Items)

-          NK Cell Functioning ( NK Cell Activity)

-          DNA length ( Telomere length)

-          Adiponectin


Our Products:

-          L-Carnitine

-          Royal VITA

-          Royal Brain

-          Royal Cordyceps ( Kings of Chinese Herbs)

-          Royal Immune ( 5 types of Mushrooms)

-          Calcium-LT

-          BRN Gevity

-          Royal Mega M.



Have you ever had this suspicion? Why is this person allergic to this medicine while another person is not?  Why is he getting better from this medicine but you are not getting any better? That’s because our bodies have different genes, different genetic and different hormones etc. The new way of treatment called “Personalized medicine or Customized Medicine will help you to take better care of your health more effectively and safely.


The Customized treatment just for you

Customized treatment is not just to follow up with a doctor, but it is a thorough health check.  It will help your doctor to develop a more accurate diagnosis for you. As a result, he will be able to prescribe the exact medicine for each patient. It’s the treatment which is specifically designed just for you.

Comprehensive Blood Test to check & understand your health condition in Genetic levels.

The personalized treatment needs a comprehensive blood check in order to know your gene abnormalities which will affect your body’s reactions to some medicines. This will help your doctors to prescribe the right medicine for you.


Anti-Aging Services & Customized Health Program

The comprehensive blood check according to the customized medicine treatment will help our specialist physicians gain accurate and complete information of your genetic, blood test results, level of hormones, including vitamins and minerals.  This will enable our anti-aging specialists to provide the concise recommendation for each of our clients personally just like a “tailor- made for each” so that we will be able to take the best care of your health.


The Advantages of Customized Medicine:

-          You will be able to attain a concise & exact program to take care of your health & the right treatment to cure your symptoms

-          You will have a safe treatment

-          You will save time in getting the treatment

-          You will be given the right amount of medicine (not more than what you need)


Customized Vitamins

What are customized vitamins?

Nowadays, the medical technology has tremendously developed to the point that we can find the body disorders at the molecular level. For example; now we can check more thoroughly about the level of vitamins and minerals in your body. Therefore, this is a great deal of research on this topic and the production of customized vitamins for each client. These customized vitamins are produced in pharmaceutical grades with quality controls like other medicines.


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