Referral Center & Air Evacuation

“Because every minute means Life, we are ready to service you 24 hours”

The Bangkok Hospital Udon Referral Center is open 24-hours daily to coordinate the referral patients to Bangkok Hospital. The center can help you access our doctors and medical team. We evaluate the needs of each patient to ensure that appropriate care is provided.

Once the hospital admission has been scheduled, our Referral Coordinators will complete the process of coordinating the referral for you. The specialist will communicate directly with you, keeping you apprised of the patient’s condition, treatment, and outcome.

When your patient is discharged, our Referral Center will facilitate the transfer of your patient back to your hospital or practice.

Air Ambulance Service:

Emergency medical evacuation aircraft or Medivac is the fastest method of transporting and flying people needing immediate medical attention. There are many areas in Thailand and Laos, PDR that is difficult to access by ground transportation. In some places, the roads are too rough and not in the condition to transport injured passenger or patients safely, without risk of complicating the injury. We deploy highly trained staff in all our services.

At Bangkok Hospital Udon referral center, we can provide emergency ambulance and helicopter services. Our fully equipped helicopter is an equivalent of a mobile intensive care unit, enabling us to provide immediate transfer and stabilization of critical care patients. We have prepared a team of doctors and nurses with special expertise in handling the patient during transfer with advanced technology and equipment’s that suitable for the condition of the patient so that patients will receive continuous quality treatment.

Emergency or more information, please contact:
Referral Center, 1st Floor Bangkok Hospital Udon
Tel. +66 -42 343-444 or 1724 for Local call only.
Email: [email protected]